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Dr. Janet Hsiao,
Room 627, Department of Psychology
6/F Building C (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Centennial Campus
University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Rd, Hong Kong


+852 3917 4874


+852 2858 3518


jhsiao at hku dot hk


Room 623, 6/F Building C (Faculty of Social Sciences), Centennial Campus


Attention Brain & Cognition Lab, Room 691, 6/F Building C (Faculty of Social Sciences), Centennial Campus

Information for Prospective Graduate Students:

Information about postgraduate studies (PhD and MPhil) is available from the Department of Psychology. For application information, please go to the Graduate School admission webpage. Although I do not have control over the admission process, as the Graduate School has its own admission requirements, I can make recommendations on students to accept. If you want me to be your supervisor, please contact me by email and include the following items (all documents should be in English):

  • CV and academic transcript. Preference is given to applicants with strong academic backgrounds in cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computational modeling, or related areas.
  • Statement of purpose and research proposal. Please be as specific as possible about the projects that you find interesting, and what you hope to accomplish during your graduate study. If you can, outline a research plan for your proposed project. Preference is given to applicants that can demonstrate the ability to do independent research. Mention any important research efforts, theses/projects, and publications.
  • Project reports, theses, or research papers relevant to your proposed project.

Note that I can only make recommendations for admissions after receiving all the applications.

Information for Postdocs and Research Assistants/Interns

Postdoc and research assistant positions depend on the availability of funding. These positions are for specific projects, and hiring depends on the CV of the applicant and the match between research interests and the available projects. If you are interested, please email me with your CV and specify which projects you are interested in. Also include any research papers or project reports that are relevant.

I usually do not have time to answer each message individually, so don't feel discouraged if you don't get a reply.


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